About Us

BUZZWORKS™ Business Services operates as two distinct entities in Services and Software Solutions.

We are Buzzworks. Established in 2001, we take up customers payroll and compliance loads under a single window.

We pride ourselves in coming up with solutions that are on time, within budget & executed well

A strategy that combines online and…

Earlier, hiring for a job was less complicated. Often, a single interview was enough to arrive at a decision. Not anymore. With the market moving at a frenetic pace and newer skill sets always on demand, Plain Jane professionals don’t make the anymore. Given this, assessing a candidate has become…

Why telephony is the next big…

Telephony's basic premise (one on one instant communication) hasn't changed in the last 150 years. In the era of internet based broadcast mediums like twitter and facebook, it's easy to slot the humble telephone into the dinosaur category. Thanks to the mobile explosion though, 85% the world now has a telephony connection of…

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